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October 20, 2017

conovus Grillevent

Grillakademie 360° BBQ – central Frankfurt

That conovus employees can handle the heat aside the challenging customer-projects was demonstrated during a Barbecue Event in Frankfurt.

In a historic factory building 360° BBQ’s rustic chalet is located, fully equipped with a modern kitchen. The location is a successful fusion of modern and rustic elements, perfectly suited to host the conovus business event. With guidance of the grilling professionals from 360° BBQ the conovus Team learned the proper handling of high-quality meat and its different ways of preparation. Besides the modern kitchen, we also used several grilling stations in the outdoor-area to smoke and “beef”.

Perfectly prepared Steaks from the US and Germany, outstanding Lamb, fresh truffle-bread and cheesecake from the lava flow grill thrilled the consultants. The conovus Team themselves prepared and grilled everything under professional guidance. 

Freshly tapped beer and regional wines in the quaint chalet were the perfect ending to a successful Teamevent.

July 03, 2017

conovus Summerevent 2017

Mallorca – Spanien

Our this year’s conovus Summerevent lead us to the Balearic Islands, more precisely to the beautiful and sunny island of Mallorca.

The first even we’ve spent in the Oldtown of Palma, aside the touristic hustle and bustle in a cosy Tapasbar. We left thehectic of the journey with Tapas and a cold San Miguel behind us and got into the mood for our planned event the upcoming day.

After a rich breakfast and comfortable 25 degrees the next day, we headed to the Palma’s marina where we boarded our chartered sailboat. Our route led us along the coast of Mallorca. Destinaton was one of the most beautiful bays of the region: crystal clear water, fresh sea air and a spanish buffet. Not only were we able to stock up on some sunshine but also unwind. Perfect to relax from the stressful daily grind.

Dinner was served at the restaurant “Il Paradiso”. With a fantastic view on the Cala di Palma and amazing food we allowed the day to fade away.

April 07, 2017

The Blockchain Technology

The Blockchain is a technology with the potential to change whole branches lastingly. Businesses with a plurality of intermediates and/or a high level of mutual trust could experience strong change due to this technology. Especially in the financial indsutry many market participants and disruptive FinTechs have already recognised the potential of Blockchain and are testing its use.

We are available for questions and further information regarding this topic.

April 05, 2017

SFTR – Securities Financing Transactions Regulation

In line with the regulation of shadow banks the market for securities will become more transparent. For this reason, the “regulation on transparency of securities financing transactions and of reuse and amending Regulation (EU) No 648/2012” (EU) 2365/2015 (SFTR – Securities Financing Transactions Regulation) was published on December 23, 2015 in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Due to the ongoing discussion we will give you an overview of the regulatory content in our FactSheet and additionally point out the need for action.

March 21, 2017

Munich – Germany

The CeBIT is the worlds largest fare for Informationtechnology. The motto of the CeBIT 2017 was „d!conomy – no limits“ and conovus took part to discuss the newes developments surrounding Blockchain.

CeBIT 2017 - Digital Summit - Blockchain
CeBit_Bild 1

To get up-to-date on the latest regarding the Blockchain-technology and exchange views with experts, conovus was out and about at CeBit in Hannover on march 21, 2017.

At the conference Digital Summit – Blockchain in hall 8, everything revolved around Blockchain. Besides overall talks that served as a general introduction to Blockchain many interesting new projects have have been presented.

Fabian Vogelsteller (responsible for Mist Browser) for example works as developer for Ethereum. This Browser was specifically designed for Ethereum-Blockchain applications (e.g. for Ether and Smart Contracts). When asked about the the Metropolis-Release date- the next development level of the Ethereum-Platform – we did not get a more precise answer then within the next 6-7 months.

Another interesting Blockchain project was presented by Marian Vogel from Æternity. It allows Instant-Payments via Blockchain, meaning transactions without idle time and low transaction costs. Sidechains facilitate enormous capacity preventing the Blockchain from reaching its limits – an important topic for the debate around scaling possibilites.


The separate Blockchain-Conference has pointed out the increasing acceptance of the Blockchain in the general public and thus steps further out of the shadow of the Bitcoin-technology.

The presented usecases have shown, that blockchain has a great future potential for the financial sector.

Compared to the presence of other topics surrounding digitalisation there is yet more to come. But the profile of the Blockchain-technology on trade fares will further thrive with an increasing commercial acceptance.