Einführung eines SAP Subledger-Szenario nach IFRS 9 - dt. Landesbank
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Development of enterprise bank financial data warehouse

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Development of enterprise bank financial data warehouse

Project Scope:

  • Development of enterprise financial data warehouse
  • Onboarding of in- and outsourcing subsidiaries to the financial data warehouse via Abacus/DaVinci and SQL
  • Testing and validation of technical functionalities of integrated financial products through subsidiaries

Project Results:

  • Testing of conversion and linked in data of subsidiaries to the central financial data warehouse of the bank
  • Validation of conversion and testing of required mapping changes
  • Functional test execution including coordination with downstream back office departments successfully executed
  • Expansion of existing mappings as well as Abacus/SQL adjustments and adaption of change requests for FDW successfully executed and documented
  • Development of technical documents; Documentation and quality assurance of activities and test executions

Customer Value:

  • Guarantee of correct technical illustration of all financial products (including complex structures) in central data warehouse
  • Verification of logical and technical data conversion through Abacus/DaVinci into downstreamed reporting levels
  • Basis establishment for overall bank ad hoc-reporting for fulfillment of regulatory requirements

Reporting & Supervision