Einführung eines SAP Subledger-Szenario nach IFRS 9 - dt. Landesbank
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Regulatory advisory for securitization transactions

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Regulatory advisory for securitization transactions

Project Scope:

  • Supporting monthly and quarterly regulatory reporting of securitisations for banking and trading book.
  • Analysis and validation of the delivered and calculated information / key risk figures
  • Analyzing and processing of regulatory reporting questions for internal users as well as for external requests from regulatory authorities
    • EBA Stress Test
    • EBA Benchmark Study
    • Asset Quality Review
  • Improvement of the reporting tool and reworking of business questions as well as the preparation of consistent process documentation
  • Setup of outsourcing activities for atomized reporting.

Project Results:

  • Quality assurance of the regulatory reporting for key risk figures of the bank‘s securitisations for both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Business analysis and documentation of diverse regulatory questions.
  • Results regarding various questions from the regulators authorities (stress test, benchmark study, AQR, etc.).

Customer Value:

  • Reduction of work load of internal resources by overtaking the handling of regulatory questions and frequent reporting tasks.
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Enhanced reporting tools

Reporting & Supervision