Einführung eines SAP Subledger-Szenario nach IFRS 9 - dt. Landesbank
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Remake of the Retail-Workbench and product database

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Remake of the Retail-Workbench and product database for a domestic bank

Project Scope:

  • Aim is the remake of the existing Retail-Workbench and product database for the Retail Structured Products market. Therefore existing systems will be adjusted to the new requirements of the departments and regulatory institutions
  • The adjustment of the existing system structure allows a faster issuing-process, more efficient handling of post-trade-processes as well as to fulfil the requirements of the PRIIP regulation

Project Results:

  • The varying product structures were bundled and can now be adjusted to the requirements of the market participants
  • Increase in market shares
  • Increased efficients while reducing the operational risks
  • Development of a central database independent from other information suppliers
  • Delivery of all relevant input-data to the EDG and implementation of a risk indicator

Customer Value:

  • The competitiveness of the bank increased in the context of new issues
  • Faster decision-making regarding the deisgn of new products during customer inquiries (Derivatives on demand)
  • Increased efficiency throughout the whole development- and issuing-process in combination with a complete lifecycle management

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